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Flagstaff / Photo Book

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A runner, Suguru Osako was getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.A photographer, Shota Matsumoto went to training camp at Flagstaff in the U.S  to capture the important moments. Osako was working hard training with running partner, and  he confronted himself in stoic mode. At the same time, he was having a relaxing time with his family, and it looks like his usual calm daily life.  It always attracts Matsumoto to shoot a beautiful running form and a nice portrait of Osako. However, things Mastusmoto needed to focus on at Flagstaff were to observe those unusual times and to record the sequence of  moments. Osako and Matsumoto  knew that the attitude of effort will become a very special thing. This photo book will show you the very personal memories by recording times of Suguru Osako when we were at Flagstaff in Arizona.
Product Information
Title : Flagstaff
Category : Photo Book
Author : Shota Matsumoto / Suguru Osako
Editorial Design : Yusuke Nagai (Vacant)
Publication Date: 3/31, 2022 (This is the data you will receive the product when you purchase.)
Also, this date is publishing date at BOOK AND SONS
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Photobook Specification
Size: 200 x 255mm
Page : 64p
Bookbinding : Hardcover/ Cloth Cover /Foil Stamping /Blind Stamping + Photography

The 1st Edition Poster Specification
Size: 396 x 500mm
Binding: Fold in four (double sided printing)

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